Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome Home

Well, we are finally home. The past almost four weeks have been very special ones and refreshing in so many ways! The majority of my photos have been uploaded to Facebook but I plan to add some of my favorites in the next post so that they will be a part of this electronic "scrapbook" of our family's life and memories.

Meanwhile suitcases are still piled in the living room and the laundry machines are humming, children are playing and diapers are needing changed, but it is great to be home. We did not return alone, but accompanied by a great friend and supporting church pastor who ministered to us at the ABWE annual retreat and now is getting to know our life here. It is always a treat to share Iquique with someone from "home" and know that from here on out, we will be able to communicate about the joys and challenges of ministry in an even deeper way.

And speaking of communicating ministry in a deeper way, that is one of my goals on the blog this year. I hope to share more of what my days as a missionary wife look like (though I am still working to obtain a clearer picture of that myself!) In the immediate days ahead, I anticipate my time being fairly consumed with preparations for a new school year as our three oldest kids will enter 4th, 3rd, and 1st grades respectively on March 1.

But more about that in a future post ... I am off to complete lunch preparation, diaper changing, and sibling peacemaking (not necessarily in that order!) Have a blessed day!