Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Favorite Vacation Photos

my absolute favorite, Owen giving me a flower

sweet picture of a pensive Kendra

photo credit to my sister Jenn, I love their two heads together

adventure walks with the Daddy and Uncle Mark are the best

a heart-shaped bug bite that tickled Eva's fancy

cousins hand in hand and the lovely cabin where memories are made

photo credit to Jenn for this adorable picture

girl cousins torturing their boy cousin with kisses in a moment of fun

love, love, love this picture of Owen and Daddy

three crazy toddlers who kept us on our toes this vacation

sister love, Isabel with Alec

and more sister love, JuJu with Kendra

cousins and friends, love their smiles

these happy grins are the greatest

Isabel hanging tough with the boys and loving every minute

nine noisy cousins and two weeks of happy, happy moments

1 comment:

sea salt MOSAIC said...

thank you for sharing these! we've been aching for family and friends lately and these warm my heart.

owen's choice of flowers -queen anne's lace - perfect. a fella after my own heart.