Thursday, December 02, 2010

Catching Up: Work Day Ministry

I've decided to do a short series entitled "Catching Up" because as I look back on this very busy year, I realize there have been several special events left unrecorded on this blog. Most are ministry related and all deserve at least a mention for posterity's sake!

In August, our church held a Saturday "Work Day" to do some sprucing up around the property. A number of people arrived to pitch in, among them our two darling daughters. Much to our surprise (shame on us!) we later heard glowing accolades from other church members about the excellent work the girls had done.

Eva in particular won over some hearts by working side by side with "Abuelito Chaco," the adopted grandfather figure at church. His daughter Debora is our colleague and the wife of the founding pastor, Hugo. Each year her parents arrive to spend several months with their family. Due to some serious health issues in the past her father now has some cognitive limitations ... but nothing keeps him from smiling and serving! He is one of the kindest men our children have ever met. (During his time in Iquique, Alec and Ian became his special favorites and he never failed to have a sweet snack for them each time their paths crossed!)

Eva working outdoors with Abuelito Chaco

One man who recently began attending our church is a Navy carpenter. With the help of a friend, he transformed our "foyer" by installing custom-made closets to store everything from plastic chairs to cleaning supplies. What a gift! I wish I had taken an "after" picture - this photo was snapped as they drilled the initial holes for what would eventually become sliding double doors.

envisioning what was to come

For their part the ladies pitched in enthusiastically in the kitchen, which was in dire need of an overhaul. Cabinets were emptied and cleaned, restocked and refilled - all with a smile, as you can see in this picture!

a trio of happy workers

We feel so blessed to work among a wonderful group of men and women. It is a delight to watch them growing in the Lord and a blessing to be a part of God's work in Iquique!

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