Saturday, December 04, 2010

Catching Up: September Matrimonios

our little interior decorators

In September, Eva and Isabel once again pitched in to help - this time, to decorate with a "dieciocho" theme for our September matrimonios ministry. We had fun introducing a new set of white tablecloths with red and blue accents and Chilean flags for centerpieces.

Plastic patio tables may not sound too glamorous, especially when compared to what many churches have available back in the States, but for our church they've been such a blessing this year (which is probably why I keep repeating myself!) It's just neat to be able to offer something comfortable and inviting and different for these special occasions, especially when there are visitors who are creating their first impressions of the church and ministry.

On this particular night one of our couples had some great games planned, so there was much laughter and enjoyment. One game was a "Newlywed Game" style, with questions asked separately of the husbands and wives and comparisons made of their answers. The couples were good sports and had fun playing!

We have been studying The Five Love Languages (by Dr. Chapman) throughout the year, with an emphasis on a different "language" each meeting. This time it was words of affirmation and one exercise involved several husbands having to create a personalized card for their wives within a limited timeframe and with the materials provided.

The end result was colorful and heartfelt. One husband created a flower out of a playdough-like substance with the accompanying words, "You are the flower of my life." Without a doubt, on this night both husbands and wives were reminded of the importance of loving words and the positive results of edifying one another through them!

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