Monday, August 16, 2010

Sisters Are Forever

My sister and I giggled this afternoon as we hung up our cell phones. The last three phrases out of our mouths before saying goodbye were spoken spontaneously almost in unison, with just about the same inflection of voice as well. The fact that it happened without any foresight made it that much more humorous. Sometimes it is those little connections that warm our hearts with the bonds of family. I long for my girls to experience it as well.

That is why on a night like tonight, as the three of us fold the laundry piled high on the girls’ beds, and the two of them tickle and tease and their laughter spills over into giddy playfulness, I can’t help but smile. Despite all of the times when they fight and are fickle with one another, there are these times … and I hope these will be the ones that they take with them and laughingly reminisce about together long after they've left our nest.

Because friends may come and go … but sisters are forever.


Terri Fisher said...

I couldn't agree more, Sis! Love you!

panim said...

heehee - that was funny.
I was thinking today about people who have the opportunity to grow up with a best friend and how hard that is for an mk. Then I realized I have 2 of them - my sisters! I wish we all lived closer, but I'm still glad we have each other. :) Your girls (and mine) will appreciate that, too I'm sure.

HatchersInChile said...

Sisters are SO special! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I miss my sister terribly while living so far away. It is amazing to me to see how connected we are despite that. (We appeared at my parents house in June wearing the SAME dress that we had both bought in different towns the week before!) Thanks again!
Penne Hatcher