Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Matrimonios Ministry: Marriage Conference

Pedro and I have had the privilege of leading the married couples' ministry of our church since we arrived in Iquique 1 1/2 years ago. This is an area of ministry which we greatly enjoy and about which we feel rather passionate, knowing that without strong marriages our families and ministries are destined to struggle. We ourselves were blessed as newlyweds to be members of a wonderful Sunday School class for young married couples, and from that was born our conviction of the importance of this ministry (not to mention some of our closest friendships!)

my dad, Pastor Jim Christian

One of our goals for the ministry this year was to hold our church's first marriage conference. We invited my dad, Pastor Jim Christian, to be our speaker. He has provided pre-marriage counseling to countless couples as well as having taught on the subject of Christian marriage in various settings. Most importantly, he has exemplified what a godly, loving marriage looks like with the help of my mom for over 40 years. :)

teaching on the roles and responsibilities of Christian marriage

It is always a blessing for me to hear my dad speak and to see how people respond to his teaching. He is humble, humorous, approachable and firmly planted on God's Word. Having served in Chile for sixteen years, he is well-received and respected here. His theme for this year's conference was borrowed from a longer series of which he used three chapters, each addressing the roles and responsibilities of the married couple; the husband; and the wife in a Christian marriage.

God has a way of putting things together in just the right way, and this year's conference theme reviewed many of the Biblical concepts that were taught throughout last yar's monthly meetings. For some of our couples it was an encouraging review and reminder; for others it may have been their first time hearing these truths which in so many ways run counter-culture to our world today. Either way the response was positive and the fellowship of learning and sharing together was sweet.

35 people attended our first marriage conference

In true Chilean fashion, at the time we were scheduled to start only a handful of people had arrived. But by the time we were done, 35 adults (17 couples and one wife whose husband was unable to attend) were present and our meeting room was filled! Thanks to the generosity of those who faithfully give towards the ministry in Iquique, we were even able to purchase matching round plastic tables and pretty tablecloths to make our space more comfortable and attractive for this special meeting.

We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and rejoice in His goodness!


Terri Fisher said...

The tables and tablecloths really did add a lot to the setting! Glad to see some photos to go with all I was hearing about this event. Thanks for your encouragement on my blog!

The Friess Family said...

Hi Stephanie-
Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog and sharing a bit of your story. Enjoyed looking at your blog as well. Will heck out the book.