Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Day with Family

We were blessed with a sunny morning on Wednesday and took advantage of it to walk downtown. Along the way we did some shopping, watched some music students parading and drumming down the main street, and even stopped for a look at the boats in the bay.

The little boys were especially excited by one sight - that of a giant sea lion sunning itself at the water's edge. The picture below is of the two of them watching the enormous "doggie" (as they called it) with Mom-Mom:

Here is what he looked like from their perspective:

And here is what he looked like up close!

The contrast of the tour vessels, artisan fishing boats, and private yachts is always a colorful one:

One of my purchases that morning was a gently used children's game called "My First Rummikub" at the very shop where the Gackenheimer Bible saga began. Mom-Mom is a patient game player and provided the older kids with several rounds of fun before bedtime! These memories made this month with both sets of their grandparents are ones I know our children will always treasure.

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Terri Fisher said...

Nathaniel enjoyed seeing Mom Mom and Pop Pop in your photos today! He also liked the sea lion. Hope you have a fun day today!