Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop in Iquique

We are so happy to have my parents visiting us in Iquique! They are in Chile for several weeks and after spending some time with my sister's family in Santiago they joined us here yesterday. Of course, the welcome wouldn't be complete without having an asado for our first lunch together (or was Pedro just competing with brother-in-law Mark??)

Unfortunately Eva, Isabel and Owen returned to school on Monday - the day of Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's arrival. We wish vacation had lasted longer! Monday morning while the big kids were away we headed to the beach with the little guys and enjoyed watching the waves.

Ian and Alec were happy to be the center of Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's attention for a few hours. They enjoyed the beachside park, with Mom-Mom keeping a watchful eye on their antics while Pop-Pop took it easy on the sidelines.

Later this afternoon, Pop-Pop enjoyed coaching all three grandsons on the finer points of front yard soccer! They even posed for Mommy when they were all done with the fun.

We look forward to making many special memories together in the next few days!


Life with Kaishon said...

Your parents look so wonderful! And you look EXACTLY like your Mama. Holy Cow : )

Glad you can have fun with your family. Family is everything!

Terri Fisher said...

Glad you are all having fun! Take care of the Parents and enjoy!