Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stories from School

Every day we ask the girls to tell us something about school. Here is a collection of stories they have told us so far.

Eva: The desks in Eva's classroom are made for two people. Since the first day of school, she has sat beside a little girl named Francis. Today, Eva expressed frustration about her seatmate always wanting to borrow her school supplies. "Mommy, she has the exact same eraser. And hers is even bigger! But she wants to take mine. And I just tell her no, no, no, no, no!" Hmm ... This led to a discussion about how indeed this might be frustrating but we need to be sensitive to issues of the heart, mainly kindness and patience. We'll see how it turns out.

Another thing Eva told us is that she doesn't have any friends to play with at recess. She says she walks and walks and walks but doesn't talk to anyone. And then last night at dinner she said that some kids came over and tried to crowd her and push her. I'm a little disturbed about this one but Eva didn't seem too concerned ... This led to a discussion about how we need to always find an adult to talk to if we feel scared or threatened. And we definitely need to talk to Mommy and Daddy about these things at home!

Eva thinks Chilean school is great because most of their supplies are art supplies. She is also very excited about music class because she is learning to play the recorder. She had her first English class this week and said the teacher was surprised that she spoke English!

Isabel: On the first day of school, Isabel took a seat behind the little girl we had previously met with her mom at a department store. They were having such a good time together that the teacher moved Isabel's friend for talking too much. Uh-oh!

Today, Isabel said there were two new students in her class and one little girl in particular was scared and sad. Isabel said she knew how that felt because she cried on her first day, so she tried to be nice to the little girl. The little girl asked if she wanted to be friends, and voila! a new friend was added to Isabel's roster.

Almost every day, Isabel speaks to me in Spanish now. If I answer in English, she never fails to firmly scold me: "Mamá! En español!"

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Terri Fisher said...

We are so proud of our nieces for being so brave and reaching out to others. Keep up the great work, girls!