Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning the Ropes

There has been so much for me to learn about this whole process of putting the girls into Chilean schools. From uniforms to school supply lists to whatever, it has certainly been eye-opening. I definitely have a new appreciation for the stresses that Chilean families are under this time of year!

Yesterday we received a note from school that the girls were to have their first PE class today. Unfortunately, the PE shirts for their school are also custom made and not one store had them in stock (actually, there is a only grant total of TWO stores that carry the uniforms anyway.) Nevertheless, I thought I was doing okay because I had ordered shirts to be made last week and they were supposed to be picked up yesterday afternoon. So, Eva and I called our trusty radio taxi and headed downtown to do just that. But as soon as we arrived at the store the saleswoman broke the news: no shirts today. They had just gotten the material and were in the process of cutting it. Grrr!

Today I sent the girls with their uniform shorts and a non-uniform t-shirt. I put these items, plus their regulation all-white sneakers and their required deodorant, cologne, comb, and soap into their PE bags. (Not just any bag, of course, but the requested all-red bag with their names embroidered on the front.)

Off the girls and Daddy went to school, and today they were fortunate to catch a radio taxi. Yesterday there were none available and the girls had to walk the 1.05 mile to school with Daddy! (By the way, tomorrow we are supposed to get a car – Hallelujah!!)

When Pedro returned, he said many of the kids arrived to school wearing their PE uniforms. The girls noticed and of course that made them uneasy because I sent them wearing their regular uniform. I still don’t know whether they were supposed to or not because nothing was said to us either way. Hopefully they don’t feel too embarrassed and we’ll know better for next time. After all, Mommy’s still just learning the ropes!

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