Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sisters (for Jenn)

Juliana and Kendra
February 2009


Lomdím said...

I love them!!! Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures of my little princesses.

Terri Fisher said...

I'm glad your visit to Santiago went well. Great photos on these last few posts! I'll take good care of Jenn and the fam while they are here in the States...they'll be back before you know it! Love you!

Unknown said...

Her little girls are SO beautiful. Wow!

MexicoMitchells said...

You always have such great pictures: what kind of camara do you have? We killed our camara in a freak hailstorm at the pyramids. Lightning hit our transformer so our visiting missions team went to bed cold and in the dark before they headed home the next morning. Memorable if nothing else:{