Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heading Home

This morning, we said our goodbyes to Aunt Jenn & Uncle Mark and cousins Mati, Micah, Juliana & Kendra at the Santiago airport. To sweeten the parting a bit, we shared some Dunkin Donuts before our final hugs! Hopefully we will be seeing Aunt Jenn and the little girls next month, as we are trying very hard to convince them to travel and see our new home before they leave on furlough. However, we will probably not see the rest of the family until a year from now when they return from the United States (they leave for the US in April.)

We had a wonderful time during these five days together and we are always grateful for the special family relationships God has given us, and especially the opportunity to be together here in Chile!

A couple of hours later, here we are arriving back in Iquique! Apparently when several planes arrive at once, you get to disembark the old-fashioned way and walk across the tarmac. The kids thought that was just great! :)

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Anonymous said...

Since you are all together, I guess Pedro did not have to drive your car up to Iquique. Does that mean it sold in Santiago?