Sunday, February 01, 2009

SCA Christmas Program, December 2008

Isabel, bottom right (in her Mary costume)

Eva looking cute between songs

Matias as one of the wise men (far left)

With the end of school running into our family vacation running into Christmas running into moving to Iquique (you get the picture!) ... I never got around to posting about our Christmas program at the kids' school. Jenn and I and Lori (kindergarten teacher) directed it with fear and trembling, but in the end it was quite cute and we were proud of the good job the kids did. Ironically, it was the same program I participated in many years ago when I was a sixth grader at SCA, so I found the songs coming back to me and enjoyed hearing my own kids singing them in the car throughout the month of December.

Eva participated in the choir while Isabel and Matias had roles as Mary and a wise man, respectively. Below is a video of the kids singing the first song of the play. Eva and Mati are in the first group of kids on the right (first and second rows) and Isabel is in the group on the left (first row.) Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

The are so adorable! You really did have a lot of huge events smooshed together in December! I am glad you made it thru : ).