Sunday, February 01, 2009

More about Tremors

Friday, we had another strong tremor and this time the kids all felt it. (It was actually the third or fourth this week, but the others were all late at night while they were sleeping.) Fortunately, the kids were not too panicked and it opened the door to talk about what we need to do as a family if other tremors or emergencies happen while we are together or apart.

Personally, though, I was worried because in Santiago it was always said that several tremors in a row preceded "the big one" - an actual earthquake. However, the men at church today assured Pedro that in Iquique it is normal to have several strong tremors in a row. In fact, here they say that regular tremors are better than going a long period of time without one because they think that precedes an earthquake here.

So, we live and learn (and occasionally rock and roll, ha!)

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Melissa said...

They say the same thing here about tremors, not that in the valley we have many (1 1/2 years here and haven't felt any), but I've heard that tremors are good, they let out some of the pressure, if you don't have them, the pressure is worse and it will be bad when it is let out.