Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Proud of This Man

(Okay ... so maybe a beach picture isn't the best choice for this rather serious post I have planned about my husband, but I happen to like this one!)

I haven't had a chance to blog yet about how proud I am of Pedro. Besides handling yet another major move of his family with sanity and sensitivity; besides carrying out countless home improvement tasks to make that move more pleasant for all of us; besides keeping us calm when the going got rough; he has also been more immersed in Spanish than ever before and has jumped into leadership roles and tasks here in Iquique with enthusiasm and excitement.

This past Sunday, both of the other pastors/missionaries were away and so it fell to Pedro to lead the entire church service in each of the two churches. This included the singing, the announcements, and the preaching - things he is accustomed to in English but which take effort and planning for him in Spanish. A sermon which he can study and practice before delivering is one thing; but having to speak extemporaneously and having to segway between various elements of a service is another. Needless to say, he was both excited and nervous. But, he did a great job. I won't say that he didn't make any mistakes (after all, he did call the instrumentalists "vanity tables" in Spanish!) yet he was humble and real and sincere. Our numbers were small, since many of the church members were away with the two pastors at camp in Santiago, but those that were there seemed to encourage him and appreciate his ministry.

So I just want to say that I am proud of this man. I can't wait to see how the Lord continues to hone his talents and gifts for the ministry here in Iquique, and I am so happy to be in this work together! :)


Melissa said...

So glad that the services went well. I met a pastor in South Korea when we were there getting Drew that said he when he first got there he continually called his teacher "fish" I guess it is a close word.

Melissa said...

That is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will it be trouble to stop the processes that you already started?

Praising God for that answer to prayer. It helps to remind us that we need to continually trust in God for everyday things!