Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Our Little Hero (Think: Wallet!)

You can tell by this picture that Owen knows how to tame a crocodile. But did you know that he also ... ahem ... knows how to find a wallet???

Yes, you read that correctly. Owen. Found. The. Wallet.

He found the wallet!

How, you might ask? (I know we did!) This week, he has been sleeping on a mat on our bedroom floor while we have visitors. The mat happens to be next to our closet. As best we can figure, sometime these past few days he must have seen the wallet but perhaps it didn't register in his little mind. Until today, when the girls were eagerly scooping money out of their banks for a trip to the mall and we were gathering purses and wallets for a little shopping expedition.

Seeing them must have triggered something in his memory because Owen disappeared upstairs and then suddenly reappeared with a mischievous grin on his face and his hands carefully hidden behind his back. Tia Betsy was the first to see him and when she asked what he was hiding, he just grinned and said, "No, my daddy!" When Pedro approached, Owen pulled out what his was hiding and at first Pedro didn't even realize what he was happening because all he said was, "Thank you, Owen!" rather matter-of-factly. Then suddenly pandemonium broke out as everyone realized exactly what this meant and the seven women in the house at the time started shrieking all together! (And to put it the way Betsy said it, Pedro's face was not big enough to hold his smile!)

Needless to say, Owen was the hero of the hour and of the day. When at the mall he asked for a little plastic rifle to shoot little plastic duckies with little plastic suction cups, you'd better believe we said yes! Whatever you want, son! It was a morning of miracles.

And so I must say thank you to God for his goodness ... to all of you who prayed ... and forgive me for thinking ill of a seemingly suspicious but obviously innocent stranger! Life feels a little bit safer and a whole lot brighter today. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Praising GOD with you. Our Bible study group was lifting you up in prayer last night about this very thing. Can't wait to tell them all! Andrea

Anonymous said...

What exciting news! I am thanking God with you!

Karen from Bridge Bible Church

Terri Fisher said...

Yeah, Owen! I bet he sure was proud of himself! I was wondering where you were, but now I see you had visitors...that was so nice of them to come visit so soon! I'm sure your girls were thrilled. Love you!

Ragan said...

I'm so glad you found it Steph! I kept thinking of all of the miracles God has worked in your lives and figured this one would be coming as well :)

Anonymous said...


Russell Raymer said...

Praise the Lord, we have been praying that the wallet would appear.
Take care,
Russell, Debbie & Carena

Matthew said...

So had you already canceled everything...? How will that work - not that I'm trying to rain on your parade - just wondering?

Kathy's Korner said...

Hooray Hooray!!!

Three cheers for Owen!!!

hip hip hooray

hip hip hooray

hip hip hooray!!!!