Friday, February 20, 2009


This week, I have not done a good job of managing my time. After our guests left, I think I let down a bit too much and unfortunately my house (and by default, my family) has suffered somewhat.

They say confession is good for the soul ... so there you have it.

But, tonight in the midst of a messy room with toys and laundry and unmade beds, I sat with Owen and Isabel and we laughed together over Froggy stories (especially the doctor one where he forgets to wear his underwear to his checkup - the kids really love that one!) I tickled them and teased them that tomorrow morning I was going to feed them chocolate covered flies like Froggy's mom does. And they shrieked and giggled and went to bed with smiles on their faces ... which made it all worth it.

So now as I think of the many things I didn't accomplish but should have, I can at least smile at the one thing I did accomplish: putting my children to bed with joyful hearts and lots of Mommy-love. I am truly blessed.

(PS - Eva and Daddy are out tonight on a date of their own to youth group, which is why her name is not mentioned. But she is still having fun!)

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Stacey said...

enjoy those special times with your children because they are growing up before your eyes.