Friday, April 18, 2008

At Least He's Normal

"Warning, those meds and the steroids DO make them hyper and cranky …"

Thank you, Tanya, for this confirmation that the way my son has been acting today is indeed normal! Aaargh!! :)

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Tanya said...

Ya, I'm soooo sorry!! =) But yes, rest assured he's perfectly normal! I think they should offer meds for the mom when they put the children on those asthma meds. :) Sounds good, right??

I really appreciate your honesty in all your blogs! God is using you whether u realize it or not. Thank you for blessing me today as I read your blog. It's always so touching to relate to other moms and to know we're not alone in the fears and joys that God allows our way.
I pray you are blessed today and that God's loving arms hold you ever so tightly as you await pictures of your boys.