Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Fun Day

I meant to post these sooner, but with all the excitement of this week they got lost in the shuffle! Last Friday, we enjoyed "Family Fun Day" at the girls' school. It was a day of games and snacks and fellowship for parents and children, with most of the proceeds designated to the graduating senior class for their upcoming class trip. Despite being an overcast day, everyone managed to have a great time!

What's a field day with out tug-of-war ...

Isabel gears up to start pulling

Mati giving it his all, with a grin

Owen listening carefully to instructions

Daddy & Uncle Mark joined the dads against the high school guys

the "old guys" won every time!

American candy was on sale, a special treat

the coveted giant pixie stick (can you say sugar high?)

Eva hanging with her buddy Megan

Pedro hanging with Megan's parents

Pal & Uncle Pal & Mati

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