Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on Owen

Yesterday we took Owen for his follow-up visit with the pediatrician and the "kinesio-therapist" (I think I wrote the wrong type of therapist before.) Both gave him a thumbs-up as far as having a clear set of lungs. Praise the Lord! The doctor wants him to continue on the inhaler and meds given at discharge for three more days, then begin another oral and inhaler med for a month before determining what his permanent treatment will be.

He also took Owen's height and weight and guess who is measuring at 4-year old height! Yup, that's our big boy. :)

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Ragan said...

I'm so glad that Owen is doing okay Steph! Emme had to have breathing treatments with a nebulizer for over a year, and they never did figure out what was wrong with her. She's healthy as can be now. Tristen also had asthma when he was younger....actually, it probaly started right around Owen's age. He would react to something almost every time we visited my parents and we made several trips to the E.R. there. I thought he had fully outgrown it, but he did get a bit wheezy not too long ago. Nothing like he used to though. Hopefully Owen will outgrow it too. It's a very scary thing when your kids can't breathe!