Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Christmas Gift for Jesus

Every year, we try to think of something special we can do for someone else as our “Christmas gift for Jesus.” We think this is important because hopefully it teaches our children to think about the real meaning of Christmas, and also to develop compassion for those who are less fortunate than they.

We’ve only been carrying out this tradition for a few years, since the girls were old enough to understand. One year, we had fun buying Christmas gifts for the four boys of a single mom we knew. This year we had thought about going to a children’s home or a senior’s home, but realized we weren’t quite familiar enough with those facilities yet – and time is running out!

Today, I realized the answer was staring us in the face as I re-read my December 8 post:

We are going to send a gift to sponsor Josué, the little boy I wrote about that day. Truthfully, if our circumstances were different I would love to be able to adopt this beautiful little guy! But even after seeking much excellent advice and information, we realize that the many moves and transitions which yet lie before us would make that very difficult.

Our gift is sort of like the fabled shepherd boy’s – not much, but given out of a heart of love. Even with our gift, Josué and many of the other children have not yet reached the goal of $1,000 in grant monies apiece. Reece’s Rainbow was born out of one family’s experience with the unexpected birth of a son with Down Syndrome. It began as a hospital service project in Georgia and has expanded to promote the international adoption of children with Down Syndrome, by raising money to provide adoption grants for these special children and their parents.

If you are like us, still looking for a unique way to honor Jesus this Christmas season, please consider sponsoring one of these little ones who are truly “precious in His sight.” You will be blessed! Just follow the link below:

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