Monday, September 10, 2007

What's In a Name? Part Three

After today, Pedro Garcia III is no more … at least on Chilean legal paperwork.

My poor husband feels like he has been stripped of his identity somehow.

I reminded him that now he carries the exact same name as his original namesake, his Grandpa Garcia, who was very dear to Pedro and definitely someone to look up to. (Just trying to look on the positive side of things!)

Of course, getting a legal name change wasn’t as easy as it sounds. But the Lord went before us and allowed us to be seen in three different government agencies, in three different parts of town, in record time. We just hit the pavement and the subway and the highways and got it done! Pedro should now have his cédula on September 28, a couple of weeks after the rest of the family.

There is one small problem, however. The good news is that we received a fax this afternoon verifying that our container has already arrived in port (almost a week ahead of schedule!) … the bad news is that we're not sure whether they will release it to us without Pedro having the cédula in hand. But we are trusting that God will remove that obstacle as He has SO MANY in recent weeks and months!

Please keep praying!

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