Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Havin' Fun at the ... Storage Unit??

This is our week for serious packing! Yesterday and today were spent at our storage unit in Marlette, itemizing boxes and containers and shrink-wrapping everything in sight in preparation for being shipped overseas.

Our most important tools are permanent markers, a slicer knife (I don't recall the correct name of that particular instrument!), duct tape and shrink wrap. LOTS of shrink wrap.

The picture below is of a phenomenon I like to call The Shrink Wrap Dance. On the first day of packing, Pedro and I discovered that it was not a dance that the two of us could successfully carry out together ... but he and Phil have found their rhythm and make short work of it. Just look at that huge pile of boxes over Phil's left shoulder!

Shirley is our official data entry person. We set up a folding table and chair in the small amount of shade available, give her a laptop and a list of the boxes we're working on, and she's good to go!We are SO thankful to these dear friends who traveled all the way across state just to help us in this task ... also, for the friends who are hosting us in their lovely home and those who are watching our kids each day. We are blessed to have these special people in our lives!

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ommaof3 said...

It looks like you are having a great time! :) Hope that it goes quickly.