Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News, Bad News

GOOD News: We learned late last night that Owen's passport should be arriving at my parents' home TODAY!! Praise the LORD!! And THANK YOU for all of your prayers!!

But don't stop praying ... Because ....

BAD News: We learned early this morning that Eva and Isabel's passports must be renewed before we can obtain visas for them, because they will expire in April 2008 (three months before the one-year visa would expire.) We are attempting to make an appointment at the Philadelphia Passport Agency for the day after we arrive in Delaware, but so far have been unable to get through on the phone line because of high call volume. Most likely we will have to wait until the "golden hour" of 11:45 PM - fifteen minutes before closing time - which is the only time we've been able to get through over the past couple of months.

There may be other possibilities that we are unaware of to skirt around this issue, but it is all quite confusing and overwhelming right now! I will post again on the subject when we have more updates and/or a clearer understanding!

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