Monday, June 25, 2007

Michigan Musings

I will readily admit that I am not a true Michigan girl.

In fact, on my first visit to the Great Lakes state I remember that my primary concern (besides meeting my future in-laws, of course) was the lack of street lights on the dark country roads. City girl that I was, I was not comfortable with that at all!

Over time, Pedro and I established our home in Michigan and gradually moved farther and farther out into the country (and farther away from the streetlights!) and oddly enough I found myself enjoying the quiet life and especially the beautiful landscape all around me. When we returned to Michigan after our year of study in south Texas, I began to consider the things that I missed about this beautiful state.

They were simple things, really.

I missed the back country roads and the rolling fields of green pastures. I missed the neat, round bales of hay scattered across the landscape and the bright red barns accented against the varied shades of green. I missed the lush groves of trees lining the roads and fields, and the occasional tree standing graceful and all alone in the midst of a vast pasture. I missed driving past deer in the fields and cows in the pasture and considering those sights commonplace. I missed the pretty houses, many of them made by the hands of those who lived in them. And of course, I missed the lakes – big and small, dotting the horizon and the front yards, back yards, side yards of those who live in this lovely state.

It was good to be home, even for such a short while.

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