Tuesday, June 05, 2007

“eva, isabel, owen, eden”

chubby-cheeked and her skin so fair
our first baby girl with golden hair
now in school and growing fast
how I wish these days would last

of laughter over simple joys
and no tears yet because of boys
of crayons and kisses and hugs goodnight
and trusting mom to make things right

beautiful curls and coffee skin
our life with you did soon begin
our second daughter so frail yet strong
who keeps us guessing all day long

with stories and dreams of all she'll do
and tenderness towards others, too
with fire and feistiness to spare
while strong will and kindness blend unaware

dark eyes, dark skin, so soft to touch
our hearts overflow with joy so much
this little boy just full of fun
racing around to catch the sun

with a grin on his face and laughter sweet
running full tilt on his toddler feet
daddy's boy through and through and through
but willing to love on his mommy, too

a dream quick to come and quicker to go
the child I did not have time to know
she waits for me now on the other side
of the blink of an eye, where the Savior abides

with no hint of sorrow or sadness or pain
she did not live here but was Heaven's gain
cradled so gently in His tender embrace
one sweet day, together we'll look on His face

- shg 06.05.07

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