Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cheaper than Therapy

This is an overdue post regarding the importance of spending time with good girlfriends. Just after graduation, the four of us received our husbands' blessings to have an old-fashioned slumber party in a beautiful hotel. Here is where we stayed:

Here are my friends: Angie, Esther, and Erin.

Here is the delicious dessert buffet we indulged in that evening:

And here is the scene of the crime:

What crime, you might ask? Not ours, certainly. But when you are a parent of pre-schoolers and have the opportunity to go to a hotel without your beloved youngsters, the dream of spending uninterrupted time in the hot tub is pure bliss (at least that's how my friend Erin saw it!)

However, a certain cowboy (so nicknamed because of his ten-gallon hat) decided to burst Erin's bubble and host a bikini, beer and pizza party around the hot tub that night instead.

We, of course, did not participate.

Erin was not a happy camper.

Ironically, it seemed that the cowboy might have liked Erin's company at the aforementioned party when he snuck up behind her and unexpectedly whispered something in her ear ... unfortunately, he chose the wrong time to do so as she was at that very moment denouncing his poolside rule-breaking to the front desk!

Despite a half-hearted reprimand from the hotel security guy, the party kept on going. We finally gave up and returned to our rooms hot-tubless. But, we had lots of fun anyway. In fact, it took someone knocking on the wall to stifle all the giggles in our room!

So, if you haven't spent time with a good friend today ... Do it now! (:

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