Thursday, June 07, 2007

Garcia Prayer Update, June 7 '07

Dear Praying Friends,
I am writing to ask for your specific prayers regarding our "paper trail" to obtain important documents we must have in order to leave for Chile.

The first of these is Owen's passport, for which we submitted an application three months ago. Due to a clerical error, we recently received word that his application would be denied unless we provided a Texas birth certificate - which is impossible since Owen was born in Florida. Attempting to have his passport corrected has been difficult and very frustrating, to say the least. Please pray that the agency would recognize their mistake and provide this document very soon.

Without his passport, we are unable to proceed with the second very important document each of us needs before traveling to Chile - our visa. Along with our passports, a one-year residency visa for Chile requires everything from state police clearance to HIV testing to a "proof of financial solvency."

Also, because we will be using my parents' home in Delaware as our permanent address, we need to transfer driver's licenses, bank accounts, etc. from Michigan to Delaware when we arrive there in July. Until our residency is established, we cannot obtain the state police clearance required for our visas. This is a "snag" we had not anticipated until today.

As you can imagine, these details along with the tasks of packing and traveling and parenting can be overwhelming on some days! We know are not the first, nor are we the last, to face these issues and God has always proven Himself faithful. Please pray that we would rely fully on Him and that He would give us the necessary wisdom and strength.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Stephanie for the Garcias

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