Thursday, April 19, 2007

Death ... and Life

Make no mistake about it: Our country has become a culture of death. Television shows that depict murders and investigations of murder each week; video games and music that glorify killing; nightly news of drive-by shootings; mothers who throw away their newborns in a toilet or a trash heap.

But that is not all.

There is the 7-year old whose mother (an acquaintance of mine) was called to the principal's office because he is playing the "choking game" with several of his classmates. It's just a game, right? Not in the documented cases of many children who have died in the process. How the devil must delight in bringing death even into our elementary school playground!

And of course, there is the college student who violently shot and killed 32 of his classmates and teachers without pity this week.

But in the midst of all this, there is a glimmer of light ... one victory claimed in the name of life. This week, the US Supreme Court voted to uphold the partial-birth abortion ban.

“I am pleased that the Supreme Court upheld a law that prohibits the abhorrent procedure of partial-birth abortion,” said President George W. Bush following the ruling. “Today's decision affirms that the Constitution does not stand in the way of the people's representatives enacting laws reflecting the compassion and humanity of America. The partial-birth abortion ban, which an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress passed and I signed into law, represents a commitment to building a culture of life in America.” (emphasis mine)

In the midst of sorrow, there is still cause for rejoicing.

Praise GOD!

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