Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcome to Texas, Part Deux

Do you happen to remember my first "Welcome to Texas" post? (If not, you can read it HERE.) Basically, it was a tribute to the battle between species that was taking place in our house … namely, the attack of insects on our unsuspecting family recently arrived from Michigan!

(Ironically, even as I write these words I see a lightning-fast spider scurrying along my bedroom wall … blech!)

Well, the welcome has never quite ended. Indeed, the winter months brought some respite from the cockroaches and ants, but introduced mice in their stead. With the arrival of spring, we were greeted by teeny-tiny little snakes in our living room – three in one week!

Now the ants are back in full forth, and though we have mostly kept them outdoors they have still proven to be a risk for our children. Two weeks ago, Owen stepped in a pile of fire ants and received numerous bites on his hands. They followed the usual pattern of becoming pus-filled postules and then scabbing over.

Then came Tuesday’s incident.

Owen was attempting to ride a neighbor boy’s scooter when he fell off into another pile of ants. They quickly and venomously bit his ankles and legs. The following day, the bites began to look likes welts. And the morning after that, we awoke to this sight on our 2-year old’s legs:

Needless to say, we visited the doctor yesterday and he prescribed both oral and topic antibiotics for Owen (sadly, we found out that Owen was also suffering from ear infections in both ears!) So if you think of him, please pray for him!

Because by now, the welcome’s worn a little thin.

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Heidi Evans said...

Oh OUCH.... I am so sorry to hear about that. That looks like it hurts so bad... You are in my prayers!!!