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March is for Remembering Eden

Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me ...
for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven."

It happened before we owned our first digital camera. Otherwise, perhaps at least one picture might exist as proof that it was real. But what wasn’t imprinted in an image is forever recorded on my heart.

Each year as March approaches, I remember that there might have been one more birthday in our family. The baby who in 2006 we lost very early in pregnancy, would most likely have been a March baby and this year would turn twelve years old. 

I chose the name “Eden” thinking it might be for either a boy or girl. But as many mothers who’ve lost an unborn baby, I have always sensed she was the latter and referred to her as such in poems she inspired over the years.

This year, I thought I would compile those poems in one post. It has been a long time since my poetry days, back when our adoption efforts stretched into seemingly endless years and poems were therapy for my hurting heart. But as I thought of Eden turning twelve, one more poem beckoned to be written.

When we had five children at home, they were lovingly designated our “Fab Five.” And with Silas’ surprise arrival, we rejoiced in our now “Sweet Six.” Eden, we might say, is our “Seventh in Heaven” and the inspiration for a poem of the same title. 

I am so thankful for each one of our precious, unique and priceless children. We have been given a gift like no other to have the privilege of being their parents. And I love to imagine that day when not only will we all meet Eden, but she will introduce the rest of us to the Paradise (for which she was named) which has been her perfect home all these years. Most breathtakingly, she will place our hands in those of the Father who has been her perfect Parent as we could never have been. 


Please Tell Her She’s Not Forgotten
“For Eden”

Please tell her she’s not forgotten …
That baby girl of mine.
She’s always in my heart,
Though in Your arms I know she’s fine.

It’s unexpected moments
Like this morning, around nine –
When her name comes to my memory
And I think back to that time.

Just one short week of knowing,
Of the hopes and dreams we shared.
Then she left with little warning,
Never knowing how much we cared.

But please tell her she’s not forgotten …
That baby girl of mine.
She’s always in my heart,
And in Your arms, I know she’s fine.

- shg 09.06.



why did you leave us?
couldn't you stay -
how long our hearts had hoped for this day!

years had gone by,
other dreams were fulfilled -
we trusted that this was what God had willed.

and then the surprise!
our emotions ran wild -
we never thought we'd be pregnant, with child.

and then you were gone,
like the clouds melt away -
our precious surprise, you were not meant to stay.

why did you leave us?
we never may know -
but you're not forgotten, for we love you so.

- shg 10.27.06


      “eva, isabel, owen, eden”

chubby-cheeked and her skin so fair
our first baby girl with golden hair

now in school and growing fast
how I wish these days would last

of laughter over simple joys
and no tears yet because of boys

of crayons and kisses and hugs goodnight
and trusting mom to make things right

beautiful curls and coffee skin
our life with you did soon begin

our second daughter so frail yet strong
who keeps us guessing all day long

with stories and dreams of all she'll do
and tenderness towards others, too

with fire and feistiness to spare
while strong will and kindness blend unaware

dark eyes, dark skin, so soft to touch
our hearts overflow with joy so much

this little boy just full of fun
racing around to catch the sun

with a grin on his face and laughter sweet
running full tilt on his toddler feet

daddy's boy through and through and through
but willing to love on his mommy, too

a dream quick to come and quicker to go
the child I did not have time to know

she waits for me now on the other side
of the blink of an eye, where the Savior abides

with no hint of sorrow or sadness or pain
she did not live here but was Heaven's gain

cradled so gently in His tender embrace
one sweet day, together we'll look on His face

- shg 06.05.07
Birthday Poem for Eden
It’s bittersweet to picture,
But you’d be one today …

First birthday celebrations,
A special time to play.

With laughter full of smiles,
Your eyes lit up with fun –

This is how I think you’d be,
A joy to everyone.

But God had other plans for you,
A different, precious Place.

Where each day’s a celebration
Of His presence and His grace.

Eden – Heaven’s child,
And the child of my heart.

You were here for just a moment,
Now how long we’ve been apart.

Yet your day will still be special –
“Happy Birthday” angels sing.

With your laughter full of smiles
Bringing joy unto the King.

-shg 01.23.08

I Picture You (for Eden)

I picture you as a little girl, 
hair so soft with a tiny curl; 
Reaching out to embrace the world – 
That’s how I think of you.

I picture you on your toddler feet, 
chubby arms and a smile so sweet; 
Running around on a golden street – 
That’s how I think of you.

I picture you with the ones I miss, 
who’ve gone ahead into Heaven’s bliss; 
It brings me joy to imagine this – 
That’s how I think of you.

I picture you in the Savior’s arms, 
safely secure from any harm; 
Living a life where there’s no alarm – 
That’s how I think of you.

I picture you as a child grown, 
waiting for me in my eternal home; 
Finally together in Heaven to roam – 
That’s how I think of you!

- shg 03.12.09
"Seventh in Heaven"

“Sweet Six” we call them, two girls and four boys:
The children who’ve given us life’s greatest joys.
Much wanted; much longed for; awaited for years
And welcomed as miracles with happiest tears.

We’ve laughed and we’ve cried with our lives interwoven
As our family has grown with each child God has chosen.
Each day we’re still learning to love and forgive;
To cherish our differences, to live and let live.

My heart still expands in such wonder at this,
The undeserved blessing of six precious kids!
Yet in moments of sweet meditation I dwell
On the one child we never could grow to know well.

She slipped away quickly before she was born,
When the news of her coming had barely been worn.
“Eden” – or Paradise – the name she was given,
For to such ones “belongs the kingdom of Heaven.”

When I let my thoughts linger on the joy that she’s known  
Of the glory she’s seen of the King on His throne;
I consider the others who share her delight:
Unborn cousins, great-grandparents who fought the good fight.

Our “Seventh in Heaven” is remembered still here,
(Her age being counted with each passing year.)
I look forward to when she will fully be known
On that day when our family, ALL together, is Home!


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