Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday, Silas

Dear Silas,

You are now two years old and every bit the tumultuous toddler that age implies! In many ways you have seemed two for a long time already because as you have grown you've demonstrated an intense curiosity in the world around you and an impetuous determination to imitate what you see others (especially your older siblings) do. Whether it's belly sliding down the carpeted stairs or tugging open the fridge to serve yourself some Britta water (albeit against the household rules for two-year olds!) or attempting to unload the dishwasher on your own, you constantly keep us on our toes! A moment with our backs turned might find you perched on the dining room table or pulling laundry out of the dryer or pounding keys on the unlucky laptop within your reach.

The months leading up to your second birthday may have been busy and confusing, but by God's grace you handled them so well. Visiting churches, meeting extended family members and new friends, moving houses, hours in the van, the sudden "abandonment" when your siblings all took off to school and left you alone each day - these are just a few of the changes you have experienced since June! Yet you are fun and sweet and smart and our family's life is crazier and richer because of you.

On your birthday this year it was extra special to have more of our family with us to celebrate, including Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop and Aunt Terri and your Fisher cousins. Choosing your cake theme was a toss up between Thomas the Train Engine and Finding Dory but the latter seemed to have become a bigger favorite (even though you call Dory "Nemo" and I think your favorite character is actually Hank the octopus!) A few days before your party, Mom-Mom took you to Build-a-Bear and you brought home your birthday present which was your new friend Eli the teddy bear. She found a cute little teddy bear coin purse to match him and now you are our resident coin collector who cries, "Eli! Eli!" and claims all forgotten change for the stuffed animal in the house. :)

We love you, Silas, and are so happy God gave you to us as our little "caboose." Happy 2nd Birthday and may God answer our prayers to call you to Himself and help you learn to love Jesus with all your heart!

All my love, 

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