Monday, March 13, 2017

Summer Beach Mornings

In the summertime, Iquique beaches are awash with tourists. It is good for the economy of our city, which over the past couple of years has been uncomfortably jarred by a sharp downturn in the mining industry. But it creates a different dynamic to beach outings! It is a struggle to simply find parking or a sandy corner to call one's own. 

In an effort to avoid the crowds and the crushing heat of midday, this summer Pedro devised a new schedule for trips to the beach with our kids. Sometimes he, Isabel and the older boys would jump in the waves for just an hour or two at the end of the day. Other times, we would slather Silas in sunscreen and all hit the beach in the early hours of a Saturday morning. With comfortable beach chairs and a coffee thermos in hand, these were the only times Mommy ventured to join! Eva is not a beach bum but she enjoyed a Saturday morning or two of model horse photography on the beach as well.

On one occasion just before school started, Pedro set a new record by taking the boys and their friend Christopher to the Cavancha beach extra-early. It was still dark when they dove into the waves at 7:30 AM. Crazy to the rest of the world (except the occasional surfer in full-body wetsuit) but it made a very special memory for this young crew! 

In addition to these quick trips with family, our beach-loving kiddos were treated to multiple outings with other friends and their families. Living in Iquique, it is not unusual to hear: "Mom, so-and-so invited me to the beach this afternoon. Can I go?" Since there are few other healthy options for free time, we are usually glad that they have the opportunity to do so.

But for Mommy, summer beach mornings and these kind of memories will always be most special:

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