Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In Every {Crazy} Thing Give Thanks

I was feeling so positive about today. Fed baby at 6 AM, showered, sent some notes of encouragement, read my Bible, prayed for some special needs. Silas went back to sleep, I delegated a FLORECE errand to my gracious husband, dressed in comfy clothes, headed downstairs to sync homeschool videos and ... STOP.

A phone call from Pedro alerted me that his errand was unsuccessful without me. The Sii (think IRS) office would not give FLORECE's ID card to anyone but me or someone with a signed and notarized permission from me. So ... quickly changed clothes, took a phone call, fed baby again, hubby honked horn, and we took the two would-be students with us on a drive downtown.

Completed the errand, came back home, put baby to bed, started school, all was well and ... STOP. 

The incessant melodic jingling of the washing machine alerted me to a problem with laundry. Pause, unlock, open, reshuffle, close, lock, start. More jingles. Tried again, same steps. More jingles. And again. More jingles. Received another phone call. Fielded children's questions and complaints ("The video is stuck! He's copying me!") Slammed hand on washer lid, got teary and cried, "Please give me a break!" Finally thought to pray. Eventually fixed the issue, returned to school and ... STOP.

Ran to the third floor where baby was crying, took a phone call and cried talked to Pedro, fed the baby, called down instructions to the kids, finally gave up in favor of school break and snacks. Wrote this blog entry on a scrap of paper next to a smiling baby, cooing and filling his drawers. Checked the clock, confirmed it was lunchtime and if it weren't for hubby saving the day with breakfast burritos, I would have been sunk. Sighed. Took a deep breath and ... STOP.

Chose to be thankful that a baby to be fed means joyful new life in the home, students to be taught mean there are things worth learning, errands to be run mean God is doing something great and we get to be a part of it. And breakfast burritos made by a busy husband for a frazzled wife means that despite it all, I am loved.

"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Sheri Wiebe said...

I went to help my friend "rock and sew" today. Her 6 month old twins both have RSV and ear infection and she WAS hoping to get a few new dresses sewed for a trip they plan to take with their 5 children next week. So we both "rocked and sewed" and I brought one unfinished dress home to my house to finish. Life with babies...so short yet so tough. Hang in there...you are not alone. (and some day when you are old and gray, they will be taking care of you....lol!)