Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Way They Love Him

It doesn't happen often, for which I am grateful. I know the reality of many wives and mothers in our city of Iquique is to experience it week in, week out and I don't know how they do it. Every once in a while is quite enough for our crew! 

Translation: Pedro was away from home this week. We missed him! The kids expressed their angst in different ways and at different times. Overall, they did really well. What was very sweet, however, was to observe the ways they love Daddy and showed it even in his absence.

One afternoon, Eva returned from walking the dog with this complaint. "Mommy, it's awful! I think I see Daddy everywhere. I saw a man with a pair of pants like Daddy has, and I thought it was him!" Her brother Owen was overhearing the conversation and chimed in. "Yeah! Me too! It's so embarrassing to see someone and then I almost yell out in English, 'Daddy!' but it's not him!"

In the twilight of early mornings as I swept sleepy-eyed children in the car for our school drop-off circuit, I would dial Pedro's cell number and the kids would pass my phone around. "I love you, Daddy! I miss you, Daddy!" along with all the news of the day from each one's perspective would echo through the van.

It was a curious sight, Owen with his dad's big white athletic sock tied in a knot around his skinny leg. "Owen! What are you doing?!" Ian exclaimed in curiosity and delight. Owen retorted that it was Daddy's sock that he was going to wear and keep Daddy with him. (I guess I'm not all that much different, since I wore Pedro's pajama pants to bed while he was gone. When Owen asked me why I was wearing them, I simply pointed out that he and I must think alike!)

Today Pedro comes home. The kids are busily sweeping and organizing and helping prepare our home for his arrival. As I reflect on these heartwarming expressions of our children's love for their father and their joy at his coming home, I cannot help but be reminded that this same love should be reflected in another relationship as well. Do we look for God, our Heavenly Father, everywhere we go? Do we spontaneously call out to Him? Do we make a point of connecting with Him daily to tell Him of our love and share the experiences of our day? Do we find of way of carrying Him with us wherever we go? Do we look forward anxiously to His return? Are we making ourselves ready to welcome Him?

How thankful I am that my children have an earthly father who provides them with such a warm and loving relationship, one that lays the foundation of trust for another. How I pray they will one day have the same deep love and expectation for their Creator! May we be an example to them in our devotion and personal walk with Him.

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