Thursday, November 07, 2013

So Much More Than Rice & Beans

I could say that the title of this post was inspired by a wonderful breakfast we were served during my in-laws' last weeks with us.

Fresh fried eggs, re-fried beans, Mexican rice and homemade whole wheat flour tortillas. Yum!

But naturally, this post was actually inspired by something much more important: the two people who made it.

We are really going to miss them. (And for so many more reasons than a delicious plate of rice and beans!)

last picture with grandkids on the morning of departure

We are going to miss their company.

After a hectic week or at the outset of another heavy day of ministry, there was something special about sitting down together and talking about nothing and everything. 

We are going to miss their insight and empathy.

It is truly a blessing to have parents (on both sides) who have experienced ministry and understand what it is all about.

We are going to miss their laughter.

If there is one thing everyone remember about Pedro Garcia, Jr. it is his laughter. And together Dad and Mom make quite a pair. The joyful sound of laughter was constantly ringing around our house while they were with us.

We are going to miss their spirit of adventure. 

I love that no sooner had they arrived to Iquique but they were exploring the city by themselves on bus and taxi, learning their way around town and making friends wherever they landed. Dad was driving around new streets on an international license. They were rock climbing on beaches. And of course, just for good measure they topped it all off by paragliding. 

We are going to miss their loving service.

During their three months with us, Mom cheerfully made most evening meals and Dad just as cheerfully cleaned up after them. Need someone to pick up kids from school? Done. Need something from the grocery store? On it. Dirty clothes? Clean.

We are going to miss their back-up.

When we needed to run out for a meeting or a Bible study, leaving the children with them, they consistently replied, "Go ahead. We're here. Do what you need to do."

We are going to miss what they taught our kids. 

Thanks to Grandma, our girls learned how to make homemade tortillas like generations of Garcia women before them. All of our children learned life skills in and out of the kitchen. They observed an example of healthy living and loving life, of embracing adventure and choosing joy.

We are going to miss what they taught us.

I hope that after 42 years of marriage, Pedro and I have as much fun and laugh as freely as his parents do. I hope that after decades of ministry, we still have as much compassion and love for people, and commitment to Christ.

We are going to miss them, but we are so thankful for the time we were given. Something that seemed like an impossible dream was made possible by the generosity of fellow believers and the graciousness of our loving Lord. To God be all the glory!

at the airport - saying goodbye

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