Friday, November 08, 2013

My Sentiments Exactly (a poem)

My sentiments exactly? I really couldn’t say,
For I’m doing all I can to keep them safely tucked away.
I’m skimming o’er the surface, never dipping down too near
Lest I lose my careful grasp on the composure I hold dear!
There have been some hard goodbyes, now some happy new hellos -
But I know those flee so quickly, though I wish it wasn’t so.
From the heights of joy and fullness to the loneliness of loss
Is a fall that makes me gasp and want to stop and count the cost.
Yet I choose to focus “up” and I choose to look at “now,”
Better leaving the tomorrows to the One who knows just how
We will survive; and even more, how we will go on to grow
For there’s much we’ve yet to learn. There is much we still don’t know.
Separation, sickness, even death will not have the final say
Because life and death are in His hand, and He will have His way.
Whether here on earth or better yet, in Heaven we obtain
Our wholeness, both in health and relationship again.
My sentiments exactly? I really couldn’t say,
But I’ll take each moment as a gift that He gives us day by day.

-Stephanie Garcia, 11.08.2013

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