Saturday, September 21, 2013

Going "Adventuring"

The morning of Chile's 18th of September, my husband was full of energy and bound and determined to take the family "adventuring." He and the boys had scouted out a beach below our house that made for a challenging but fun hike to start the day's festivities. I'll admit, I opted out in favor of some unprecedented quiet time at home alone, but not before taking this picture of our excited gang!

From that point on, Dad Garcia was the official photographer who snapped these memories for posterity. I collected several of his images to use in this post, because I wanted a record of the sheer joy on everyone's faces and the uncommon opportunity to experience these "adventures" with Grandma and Grandpa while they are visiting in Iquique for three months. We will treasure these stories for years to come!

the trek downhill

Primeras Piedras, a small but lovely beach

Grandma and grandkids collecting shells
my four boys - love this!

Captain "Dad" making a splash
Mom the explorer, enjoying her "adventuring"

beginning the uphill trek back home

When the tired but happy hikers made it home, Pedro asked me to snap an "after" picture of their adventure. Some of the crew looked exhilarated while others appeared exhausted! As one F*cebook friend wrote, "Kathy looks ready to hike some more, even with only one shoe." So glad to have these moments to remember.

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