Monday, August 19, 2013

Ministry Update: Tuesday Morning Ladies' Prayer

At 8:45 a.m. on any given Tuesday morning, a circle of chairs is formed in our church sanctuary. One by one the seats are taken by a small group of women from all walks of life. There is the single mom raising a nearly-grown son; the grandmother caring for her teenaged grandchildren; the self-employed single seamstress; the mother who recently lost a young-adult child; the physically fragile but emotionally resilient wife of a terminal cancer patient; the missionary mom with a houseful of crazy kiddos (how did you know it me?!) And there are others, depending on the seasons and the commitments of life.

The ministry of Tuesday morning ladies' prayer was birthed almost two years ago out of the heartache of a wayward child. Two women, both concerned over different issues in their children's lives, organized a time to meet and pray specifically for those children. Along the way they added the prayer requests of many others in our church family, and more ladies joined the weekly time of prayer. An after-prayer breakfast was added and it became of time of personal fellowship as well.

I was not a part of the prayer group when it first started because of the "Martes Para Mujeres" study I was already hosting in my home at the same time. This year, however, I was able to join and it has been a blessing to get to know some precious women more closely and to experience the privilege of bearing each other's burdens through prayer. Many of the prayers brought to the throne of God by these ladies have been visibly answered. We know and believe God is always at work, but it is an encouragement when we can see it happen!

The original two women are still the most faithful. But their stories did not turn out the same. One child went on to make wiser choices and though still maturing, is walking with the Lord and serving Him faithfully. The other child sank deeper and deeper into despair and tragically took her own life. Yet to look at the picture above, taken one week ago on Tuesday morning, you would not be able to pick out which mother is which. Not because heartbreak isn't present, but because prayer is more powerful - and it undergirds our faith that God is sovereign no matter the outcome.

So we continue to pray, for children and spouses, for health needs and spiritual needs, for restoration and revival. As a result of this weekly time together there is a stronger bond of friendship among those who pray; a greater commitment to the ministries of the church for which we pray; and a more fervent faith in the One to whom we pray. He alone is able to answer our deepest needs!

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