Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ministry Update: Reunion de Damas (Ladies' Meeting)

If I were to summarize our monthly ladies' ministry in three words, they would be alliterative: Food, Fun, Fellowship. I could add "Festive" as well, because with the creative talents of our ladies this year we are enjoying a different color theme for each meeting. From tablecloths to decorations to the food and clothing selections, it is fun to see what each month holds!

the color purple was our theme for May
yellow was June's theme

 brown for July

I am thankful for the special ladies in our church family. Each one has her own personal story of coming to Christ and her own unique joys and struggles. Some are maneuvering lives of singleness, while others are learning to trust their children and husbands to God. Some are facing physical and financial challenges, or a lack of support from family regarding their growing relationship with Christ.

But together, these women are learning to believe in God's perfect plan for their lives and to appreciate the precious relationship of being "sisters" in Christ. They are learning to recognize and value each other's talents and abilities, and to work together to bless those in need and to support the ministries of our church.

A highlight of this ministry has been watching someone like Catalina (pictured above) who only a few years ago did not know the Lord yet now has a passion for and a consistent understanding of God's Word. She and I along with Mery, another wonderful woman who never misses an opportunity to bring visitors and share Christ, take turns with the monthly teaching for the ladies' meeting. This year our theme has been "Believing God." We have been blessed and challenged!

It is a joy to spend time with our ladies and to learn with them and from them. I pray God continues to overflow their cups with spiritual blessings that they in turn can share with others, especially their own families. The hope and salvation Christ has given to these precious women is exactly what their loved ones need!

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