Saturday, July 06, 2013

Pop's Barbershop

Once upon a time, in "Daddy's barbershop" there was only one little head to handle. Nowadays there is "triple trouble" - and triple fun! We had hoped to revisit the Colombian barbershop upon returning to Iquique, but it has moved and no one seems to be able to tell us where. Pedro doesn't mind barbershop duty, but it is rather time-consuming. However, this Saturday morning afforded him the opportunity to tackle the task - and these were the results!

Little head #1 (Owen):

Little head #2 (Ian):

Little head #3 (Alec):

I love this last picture. Two down, one to go! Pedro is all seriousness, while Owen and Ian look quite dapper in their new 'dos. So much handsomeness, I can hardly stand it! What a privilege to be Mommy to this tremendous trio of boys (a wife to one brilliant barber!) Love my guys. :)

the awesome clientele at Pop's Barbershop

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Terri Fisher said...

Great job, Pedro! Guess if Benjamin needs a hair cut while we are there, we know where to go...but not quite so short!!