Thursday, October 20, 2011

Handsome Haircuts

Aren't these the handsomest little heads you've ever seen? For the first time since becoming parents to first one - then three - adorable black sons, we finally had the chance to place these little noggins into the hands of a professional who truly knew how to cut their hair!

Ian loves the cheesy smile

That's not to say we haven't had some loving and talented hands on their heads before. Until recently, a sweet hairdresser from our church would come over to the house and do seven heads (the boys and the girls and the parents) all in one evening! And of course, my favorite barber on a personal level is, and always will be, this one. :)

Alec is stylin'

But whether in small-town Michigan, or on the Texas border with Mexico, and finally here in Chile, our "rainbow" family has been in such a minority that we've just never found someone with genuine expertise in cutting black hair. Until today - when we walked into the one and only Colombian barbershop in Iquique.

Can you say "goofy?"

Despite initial misgivings, Ian climbed in the chair like a champ and his barber carefully shaved him down on the lowest setting. He then used a razor blade to do the clean edging across his forehead and around his ears. When he was done, Ian looked like a little man! I couldn't stop smiling because this was exactly what we had been hoping for. The last time we took the boys to a shop, the hairdresser didn't seem to have any idea what I meant when I asked her to do this. Even worse, she used three different clippers on Alec and pulled his hair each time.

Alec being silly for the camera

Which is certainly why Alec's haircut didn't go quite as smoothly as Ian's. Oh, the weeping! Oh, the wailing! His barber seemed a little more shy and a bit unsure how to proceed with his heartbroken client. He was very nice, though, and eventually offered a candy which (as we all know) was the perfect breakthrough for our boy. Alec still insisted on sitting on Daddy's lap but after that did great at holding still and getting a nice close cut.

Couple 'o handsome guys!

We'll be taking big brother Owen in on Friday for his haircut. Somehow I think he'll be as excited to meet the barbers as he will be for his new 'do. They are both black Colombian men. As Owen sometimes comments, they certainly do "look like me!" They are also very gracious, and good at what they do. I'll make sure and post more pictures of the newest "handsome haircut" when I get a chance.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. How these boys have changed since you got them home!! Ginny C.