Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M Is for Maritime, Part Two

A woman was on our heels as Alec and I walked home hand in hand at the conclusion of his pre-school's parade on Monday. Drawing closer, she asked his age and then commented, "I hope you got pictures. The pictures from these occasions when they are small are the ones you will cherish when they are older!"

And I do cherish them. Attending Alec's parade was especially sweet because it was the same school, same street, same teachers as when Owen participated several years ago. My "second-generation" pre-schooler, I like to say! Even the "standard" the school carries was a gift from his big brother's graduating Kindergarten class.

On the first day of pre-school, Alec met a little boy whose dad was in uniform. I had forgotten until Pedro pointed out that the same dad was the representative from the Chilean Armada at Monday's program. I had wondered why he seemed to be so attentive and genuinely happy to participate in the pre-school's activities! His presence made the parade even more patriotic and I imagined the little boys and girls in "uniform" stood up a little straighter and prouder while facing him at the podium.

Of course, like every mother I thought I had the cutest sailor in the crowd. I had to chuckle at how seriously he took the instruction to hold tightly to the hands of the little (girl) classmate on either side. He didn't let go no matter which way they turned. It made for some seriously adorable pictures!

Another holiday celebrated in style:

And though I wasn't able to find the perfect angle for filming the march of Alec's pre-school class, I did love these few seconds caught on tape just after they passed by. Our little guy was full of smiles for his family in attendance (Mommy, Daddy, Eva, Isabel and Owen - since the older kids had a "sandwich day" reprieve from school.) We love you, Alec!

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