Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second Father/Son Camping Trip

Two years ago, Pedro took Owen on an overnight father/son camping trip. It was shortly after the homecoming of two little brothers who turned Owen's world upside down (and 'round and 'round!) On a beach outside of the city of Iquique, father and son made some great memories and promised to do it again. On Sunday night, that promise was finally fulfilled and even the two little brothers were invited to join in the fun for their very first time.

camping alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean
Finding a beach outside of Iquique isn't a problem; but finding a clean beach is. Pedro said they visited three sites, turning down the first two because of how filthy the area was (most likely, the remains of an entire summer of camping by many families since it is so popular here.)

the crashing of waves and roaring of little boys
Fortunately, they eventually came across a quiet and clean area not too far from the military airport. To add to the enjoyment of the outing, airplanes flew overhead frequently and were quite the attraction for Ian and Alec!

a trio of happy brothers
They arrived at dusk and set up camp, which didn't leave much time for exploring but they did find some crabs and seashells. Unfortunately, they discovered two dead sea lions as well! (Yet when they reported to Mommy at home, the crabs and seashells were the only things mentioned. Selective memory is good for something!)

waving at an airplane passing overhead
Apparently Alec was so excited that he announced that Pedro was the "best Daddy ever" and "so cool." What better words to hear from your four-year old, right? 

the moon rises over the campsite
The Atacama Desert has the clearest skies and I love how the picture above demonstrates that with the bright moon shining over the tops of the mountains. We are constantly reminded of our great and powerful God through the vast and mighty nature around us!

almost ready for a cozy night's rest
Since sleeping in a tent is a novelty, Pedro said the boys were actually excited when bedtime rolled around. For Daddy, sleep was sparce as he paid the sacrifice of an aching back!  When morning beckoned, the three boys donned their swimming trunks and splashed the sleep away.

hitting the waves the next morning
Out of the goodness of his heart, Pedro took pictures so that Mommy could envision the memorable times the boys of our family shared and so that I could write about it on our family blog. I love seeing my precious little guys looking so happy and running so free. I am so thankful that they have a "so cool" Daddy who will take the time to do this with them! They (and I) are blessed.

Ian, Owen and Alec smiling for Daddy and the camera

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Apollo Camper said...

That was a great father and son camping trip! You were fortunate to find a tranquil and clean beach. Thanks.