Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dynamic Duo on the Soccer Field

Ian flashing his cheesy grin for the camera

Saturday was opening day for the boys' fall soccer schedule. This time, Ian and Alec (otherwise known as the "Dynamic Duo") made their first formal appearance on the field! Unfortunately, Alec's shirt size was sold out temporarily but since he was already wearing the team colors all was well. Needless to say, the two little boys were very excited about their first soccer experience.

playing the soccer version of "red light, green light"
this time, "red light" was followed by touching a body part to the ball
It's often a guess as to what the coaches will be like - though we always appreciate anyone who is willing to take on the challenge! - but today we were not disappointed. Ian and Alec's coach seemed very comfortable with their age group and got the team organized and active right from the get-go. As they went through various exercises, Isabel would comment: "That's what we did at soccer camp!" so even big sister was quite impressed. :) 

standing at attention and (hopefully) listening
I have observed for a while that Ian is naturally skilled with the ball; however, his concentration span is quite short. It is funny how time and circumstances change one's perception. Now that we've had Owen in soccer for several years, I instinctively have higher standards for the little boys. That's when I have to go back to posts like this one and this one to remember what it was like when Owen was just a little tyke taking his first steps on the field! 

getting soccer balls organized and ready
brothers looking serious on the field
Overall Ian and Alec did really well at staying on task. I did have to come up with a hand signal for "listen to your coach" that will hopefully benefit Ian in the future when he is tempted to wear his ball under his shirt like a big pregnant belly or pull up handfuls of carefully manicured grass while the coach is speaking. Again, afterwards we were reminded about how little Owen would squat down and play in the dirt (yes, that is a big difference between Iquique and the USA) when he, too, got bored playing at first. Boys will be boys! 

Alec taking it all in
Prior to the game, Pedro was having all three boys run around a bit and I observed an amusing interaction between Owen and Alec. Big brother Owen was annoying little brother Alec by taking his soccer ball and dribbling away with it. In retribution, Alec threw himself through the air towards Owen, grabbing him around the waist and tackling him to the ground. I told Daddy it was time to explain to Alec exactly what kind of "football" we were here to play, as obviously he leans quite naturally towards the American version! :)

Alec hustling with the ball

now it's Ian turn to take it down the field
Overall it was a great morning and tonight as I tucked Ian and Alec in bed, they were already asking about the next time they will get to play soccer. It's so fun to watch our children grow not only emotionally and mentally but also physically as they become more coordinated and confident. God has designed the human body so wondrously and it is marvelous to see it work as He intended. We look forward to a fun and full soccer season ahead!

taking a breather during practice

a genuinely happy Ian with his "big boy" soccer uniform


Deborah said...

SO happy for you & your sweet kiddos! :)

Dale said...

It's hard to believe they're this grown up already! I must admit my favorite picture is the one of Alec sitting Alec sitting on his soccer ball. I can almost hear him thinking "Do you have to take a picture of everything Mom?" LOL!