Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Of Friends {Feathered} and Fine

this new friend and her twin sister raise chickens - what fun!

Our travels the past couple of weekends have been greatly enjoyed by our children, as they have made new friends at each new destination, and have experienced some unique and fun times. As you can see in the picture above, our animal lover Eva was delighted to find some kindred spirits (twin daughters of friends from Pedro's college days) who invited her and Isabel to meet their pet chickens! At their home we also enjoyed roasting hot dogs over a fire pit and the bigger kids played a little soccer while our little boys were absolutely fascinated by the joys of an old-fashioned red wagon. A big thanks to the Lehr family - we enjoyed catching up with you!

That same weekend we had the privilege of finally putting faces to names that we had seen written numerous times on the return address of envelopes arriving from the United States to Chile. A family with four daughters "adopted" our kids as pen pals and we have been on the receiving end of interesting letters and even thoughtful care packages including crazy bandz, stickers and books. We spoke at their church and were kindly hosted in their guest apartment. Unfortunately I did not have my camera but pictures would have included Ian and Alec being patiently entertained while Eva and her new friends designed an American Girl paradise. Special thanks to the McConnell family for opening your home to our crazy crew!

he told his mom "I love these kids!"

This past weekend was great because we were able to connect in person with a family we had previously known only through shared e-mails and blogs. Our time together on Sunday afternoon included a delicious meal; hours of conversation about life, ministry and adoption; and for the kids, lots of jumping on the trampoline and a chilly but fun visit to a nearby park within view of neighboring Canada!

Selah, from St. Vincent with Eva, from USA (and Chile)
Owen was thrilled to jump in with the boys, kicking the soccer ball around and shooting hoops at the park. The girls, too, made friends with one another. Theirs is a beautiful family formed both through biology and adoption, so with all of our kids together we had a mini "United Nations!" Thank you, Bacon family, for a wonderful afternoon! 

Cali, from China and Isabel, from USA (and Chile!)
We really do appreciate the many, many opportunities God gives us during this time of furlough to meet so many other families who love and serve the Lord in their own family context and communities. It is encouraging to share stories of God's faithfulness and to observe other parents striving to be consistent and godly in this tremendous task of raising children today. We count it a privilege to be invited to step into their lives for a brief while and we hope our children take away from this a broader understand of the beautiful family of God. Thank you, Lord, that we can be a part of it!

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