Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Guess Who Lost a Tooth?

proud of his new smile
It was a long time coming.

Owen was desperate to lose some teeth for years before it ever actually happened. He watched his big sisters welcome gaps to their smiles and coins into their wallets, and he wanted part of the action, too!
and there is it
Finally this week he lost the first of his two front teeth, thanks in large part to Sunday's stumble on the hard surface of a basketball court which jolted the tooth slightly loose. On Monday he came to me with his bloody gums and a piece of paper towel, asking me to do the job for him. I was too squeamish: one half-hearted tug and I just couldn't do it!

Meanwhile Owen's two little brothers followed closely on his heels as he went back and forth from the bathroom to Mommy, keenly observing every attempt and excitedly cheering him on. When the tooth finally succumbed there was great rejoicing among the Garcia boys!

This partnership in life's simple joys is what I most love about our big, beautiful family. :)

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