Friday, April 20, 2012

To Grandmom's House

with Grandmom during my college days

To Grandmom's House

When I was young, to Grandmom's house
I always loved to go.
It was a place perfumed and neat,
With everything just so.

Inside her little kitchen
Was a warm and happy place;
With fresh yeast rolls and dumpling dough,
Chocolate chips ready to taste.

Grandmom's door was always open
To anyone in need.
She taught us generosity,
Both by her word and deed.

Her faith was strong: it served her well
When Grandpop passed away.
I'd see her with her Bible,
Seeking hope for each new day.

Life moved ahead, and as we grew
Grandmom always cheered us on.
From braving two new drivers! -
To hearing a granddaughter's song.

Somehow without our knowing,
We moved on; she stayed behind.
Still so pleased with our successes,
Yet aware of passing time.

And then the moment came
That she had always prayed against.
Never wanting to be a burden,
Apologizing at her expense.

Yet she was there each time we needed;
She was strong when we were weak.
What a privilege to care for her,
Even in ways she'd never seek.

To smooth away a tender pain -
To moisten a dry tongue;
To be beside her bed each day
Until her time on earth was done.

When I was young, to Grandmom's house
I always loved to go.
But now I seek a better Place ...
It's the one my Grandmom knows.

-Stephanie H. Garcia 02.20.2012


Sandra Heim said...

cedndmis EcontPraying for you and your family. Having walked this road recently, I know that, even as we find comfort in knowing that the one we love is is the presence of the Lord, there is an empty spot in our hearts and lives. I am glad that you were able to be with her in these last days, and that you have precious memories for which to be thankful.

A woman looking for God said...

beautiful Just to think of seeing the lord send chills to my soul. I hope my grandchildren will talk like that about me to (well maybe not my cooking!)

Deborah said...

So beautiful...your words, your heart, your Grandmom, the memories, our hope. I love you, my Friend. <3