Thursday, December 08, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

sunset over the Pacific at Playa Cavancha

Last month, we took a break from the craziness to spend an evening at the beach at Playa Cavancha. We were far from alone, as summer tourist season seems to have sprung upon us without warning and the surfers were wrapping up their time on the waves. Even so we managed to squeeze into a spot on the sand and the little boys wasted no time getting their toes wet in the water. They've come a long way since last year where they fled the waves in fear. Now they embrace them with gusto! :)

dancing at the edge of the waves

hugging the wet sand

Mommy's least favorite part of the beach experience is all the SAND. But what can you do? That's when I'm thankful over half of our family is male with short hair. Eventually Daddy took the boys to the showers where they were able to see the surfer dudes up close and personal as they all rinsed down together. Just part of the adventure, I guess!

Ian's sandy grin

Alec's sandy everything!

community showers for the beach crowd

After some rinsing off, Daddy escorted two shivering little boys back to our blanket. I double-wrapped Ian and Alec in towels since their older siblings were not yet ready to call it quits! They were pretty content to watch their sisters in the waves and their big brother Owen playing soccer with Daddy.

rinsed off (and getting sandy feet again!)

snug as two bugs in a rug (or towel)

Owen loves, loves, loves soccer these days. He begs to play with Daddy or with friends just about every day, even though throughout the year he already had practice on Wednesday and Fridays and games on Saturdays! (Soccer season has now sadly ended.)

doing the soccer pose

I filmed some short videos of their father-son soccer game and liked this one (below) because it proves both father and son have some fancy footwork! Also, Owen's celebratory routine makes me smile. I thank God for this healthy, happy little boy.

The girls seemed oblivious to the fading sunshine and the cold water as they continued splashing in the waves! It really was a beautiful night, and I caught a few seconds on video of these two lovely mermaids enjoying the Pacific Ocean together:

I look at these pictures and can hardly believe how our daughters have grown up in front of our very eyes these past three years in Iquique (4 1/2 years in Chile.) I love having daughters and I love having sons, both for very different reasons. I love my daughters because there is a special connection when we have "girl time" and they spill out their stories of friendship woes and ask me about the way their bodies are changing and share their dreams for the future.

On this particular night, it was just sweet to watch Eva and Isabel enjoying each other's company. They are such different personalities and on some days as they say, "water and oil don't mix!" But this evening they were on the same page and I loved being there to see it.

Eva, wet and salty but happy

Isabel, tired but still smiling

Eventually it was time to wrap things up for the night and we traipsed our tired tribe back to the warmth of our little blue car. Immediately hunger pangs broke out so we decided to visit the sandwich shop of a couple from church. It was our first experience with their delicious sandwiches and completos and they treated us like royalty! What a perfect ending to a wonderful night. We will miss the luxury of impromptu beach outings when we say goodbye to Iquique for awhile ... but know there are many more family memories to be made and enjoyed.

just the girls: Isabel, Eva & Mommy

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Kathy C. said...

Wow! The boys have gone from babies to big boys! That happened too fast.