Saturday, November 26, 2011


-written on Thanksgiving Night-

Today is Thanksgiving. For us it has been a full day, though not in the traditional sense of a Thanksgiving holiday. (That could be because in Chile, Thanksgiving isn't a holiday!)

Our three older kids went off to school this morning as usual. The little boys made us laugh with their high chair antics surrounding hard-boiled eggs at breakfast. (Alec took off the shell then proceeded to cry out in character on behalf of his egg, "Where did my clothes go?!") Shortly before noon, we picked up the older kids early at school and headed to the eye doctor where five of us received an eye exam. By the time we were done it was lunch time, so we headed to our favorite pizza/pasta eatery for Thanksgiving "dinner."

As we sat around the tables - after they were rearranged for the second time by the waitress to accomodate our large family and keep us out of the way of other patrons - we discussed the things for which we are grateful. It was sweet that both girls immediately brought up our family. "I'm thankful that I have a good mom and dad, and brothers," Isabel said. (I reminded her to add her sister in there too!) Eva was also thankful for her family, and Owen was grateful for his new soccer shoes and the goal he made with them (a story for another day.) Ian and Alec weren't quite clear what we meant when we asked them what they were thankful for, so they both hesitantly mumbled a prayer instead!

I looked around the table and my heart was full of thanksgiving just to be together as a family. Certainly there were poignant moments throughout our day when we were reminded of other family members far away with whom we wished we could celebrate as well. Yet even in the impatient moments of the day (yes, there were those - specifically when Mommy took five over-tired children to the park for "fun!") and in the definitely non-traditional moments of the day, it was still a sweet blessing to look around at each face and give thanks for my husband and the five precious children God has given us together.

God also did something unexpected this Thanksgiving: one of those times when you realize only He could have orchestrated it, and it is His special gift to us. As we sat around our restaurant table at lunchtime, we happened to notice a couple with a young child at a table nearby. They were speaking English and presently the husband came over to greet us. Almost unbelievably it turned out that not only were we meeting fellow Americans away from home on Thanksgiving, but also fellow believers! We joined our tables and enjoyed a very precious meal of fellowship and new friendship together.

So while this Thanksgiving may have been different in every way, it was one that will be remembered with, well, thanksgiving. Thank You, Lord, for this special day!

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Jessica Perberg said...

saw your comment on our blog, growingperbergs and heading over to your blog, realized that I've stumbled upon it at some point of those bunny trails:) Thanks for your encouraging words